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Windows 9x/NT Mini Setup

Mini Setup
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MiniSetup is a simple program to deploy your Win32 applications as self extracting .exe files. As opposed to many other solutions available, MiniSetup needs only about 130kB of data on top of a .zip archive to ship an application with a user friendly setup.

MiniSetup promts the user for an installation directory and a folder for shell links in a graphical user interface. After the binaries are extracted to the installation directory, MiniSetup can be configured to execute additional commands to finish the installation or start the installed application.


MiniSetup uses UnZipSFX 5.20 of 30 April 1996, by Info-ZIP ([email protected]) to unpack .zip archives. It should be possible to use other self extracting unzippers with MiniSetup. UnZipSFX 5.20 is part of the setup example.

You can download the complete source code. You can use the binaries from the example to build your own setups. The setup configuration is determined by the .txt parameter files.