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Mini Setup Manual

Setup Configuration
Config file example
Makefile batch example
Commands after unpacking

All you need to do to create your own setup is to take the files from the setup example, edit the configuration file "InstallConfig.txt", put your own installation files in the "data" directory and then run MAKEFILE.BAT.

All files except "PreFinish.txt", "PostFinish.txt" and "SystemFiles.txt" from the data directory can be renamed. The minisetup program will search for certain scan marks within itself, therefore the first line of the mandatory config file must never change.


When you run a complete setup created with MiniSetup, the minisetup executable at the beginning of that file will search for the installation configuration "InstallConfig.txt" and a self extracting unpacker within itself. Only when these files are found, the setup dialog will open using the information from the install configuration. When the "Install" button is pushed, the self extracting unpacker with the installation archive is copied to a temporary executable file. Minisetup then runs this file to unpack the installation.