The sample makefile creates a complete setup "FracSetup.exe" from the files in the example. The binary files to deploy and additional setup information are located in a subdirectory named "data".

The makefile will pack all files from "data" in an archive "". If your program needs additional DLLs, a temporary copy can be created in the "data" directory. The makefile then concatenates the minisetup binary, a mandatory install configuration, a self extracting unpacker and the packed installation to a single setup executable. 

cd data
rem copy c:\winnt\system32\mfc42.dll .
copy c:\winnt\system32\msvcrt.dll .
zip -r ..\ *
rem del mfc42.dll
del msvcrt.dll
cd ..
copy /B minisetup.exe + installconfig.txt + unzipsfx.exe + FracSetup.exe