After the setup was successful in unpacking the installation files, additional commands can be specified. These commands must be supplied in text files "PreFinish.txt", "PostFinish.txt" and "SystemFiles.txt". These configuration files must be packed together with the other installation files and will be automatically deleted when the setup terminates. Lines starting with '#' are treated as comment

Commands from PreFinish.txt are executed unpacking the installation, but before the success message appears. Hence, if any of the commands fail, a failure message will be displayed.

# Command to execute and wait for prior to install finish
regsvr32 mycomponent.dll

Commands from PostFinish.txt are executes after the setup window is closed. You can open readme documents or run the installed program here.

# Command to execute and not wait for after install finishishes with success message (e.g. run Program)
FracFilm.exe FrF/Snail1.frf

If you want system components to be moved from the installation directory to the system file directory (winnt/system32), specify these in SystemFiles.txt. Though minisetup checks the dll version stamp, this will bear risks. For instance, the mfc42.dll shipped with Visual C++ 6.0 will break programs compiled and linked with Visual C++ 5.0 using that same DLL with an earlier version stamp. Therefore, you may want to leave additional DLLs in the installation directory by simply not listing them in SystemFiles.txt. 

# List of system files to copy, one file per line